Technology Sales In The UK & Mainland Europe

TSCL is a team of seasoned sales, marketing and technical professionals with proven experience in the IT industry.

IT Security & Identity Management

The company's clients are technology vendors based outside Europe that provide innovative and cost effective solutions in the areas of security and identity management. TSCL promotes and sells these offerings in the UK and mainland Europe using their extensive in-house skills together with a wide network of distributors, resellers and individual professionals.

Sales, Marketing, Technical Support

TSCL is a transparent agent for the companies they represent providing local sales, marketing, technical support and customer service in the UK and European markets.


Terry Schoen C. Maxine Most Ian Walker Nigel Thorpe


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Terry Schoen

Terry Schoen is an American who has lived in the UK for several years, Terry provides a US-centric perspective in bringing American business to the UK and European environments and has been instrumental in setting up a number of companies moving into Europe, including Spectrum Concepts, Entrust, Netfish, KaVaDo, Point Information Systems and Discus Data.

C. Maxine Most

C. Maxime Most ("Max") is Principal and founder of Acuity Market Intelligence and is a 20-year veteran of the leading edge of "high-tech". She is also the editor of the Biometrics Market Intelligence, a quarterly publication providing targeted analysis into the dynamics of the rapidly evolving biometrics industry.

Ian Walker


Nigel Thorpe

Nigel Thorpe provides marketing skills with a deep understanding of technology. His technical background ensures sales and marketing messages which hold up to technical scrutiny. He previously held successful roles in companies such as Entegrity Solutions and Entrust Technologies, where he helped define the growth of these IT companies across Europe.